Is It Okay To Gift Someone A Vape For Christmas?

Posted on by Stephen Robinson

Is It Okay To Gift Someone A Vape For Christmas?

Is it okay to gift someone a vape for Christmas? It's a question that comes up every year and while there is no definitive answer, here are some things you should know. 

First off, if the person has never smoked before or doesn't intend to quit smoking cigarettes, then giving them a vape could be dangerous. Vapes typically come in nicotine strengths, which can be an issue because they might get addicted to vaping instead of smoking - which is not your goal at all! 

So, make sure to ask the recipient about their smoking habits before gifting them with something so expensive. Secondly, do they even want one? You don't want to give somebody a present that they're going to end up returning or exchanging for something else because they don't vape. 

These are a few things to be considered when thinking about Christmas presents and here at Vaping0s, we wanted to give some advice and guidance about the proper ways to handle Christmas presents for vapers. Please read our latest blog post to find out more; we are always more than happy to help in any way we can. 

What Is A Vape Kit?

Have you been thinking about gifting someone a vaping gift but not sure what to get them? Have you considered a vape kit? More often than not, they include a vape pen, charger, one free liquid, sometimes more, and they are the perfect gift for vaping enthusiasts or someone new to vaping. A vaping kit is a great idea for a Christmas gift for a loved one or a family friend who has just quit smoking might appreciate; this is because you are giving them something that can help replace the tobacco and the need to smoke. 

You need to consider whether or not you feel comfortable offering previous smokers this other outlet, and we would recommend potentially discussing it with your recipient first, especially if they don't already vape at all. If you decide that a vape kit is a suitable option for your gift, you are giving a gift that will last a lifetime. Not only will the vape kit last, but your recipient can also buy refills and different flavours, all of which offer a vaping experience that keeps on giving. 

Are There Health Benefits?

One of the biggest reasons for giving someone a vape kit or vape pen for Christmas is to offer an alternative to smoking; maybe if you buy your loved one or friend a vape kit, they will quit smoking and realise they needed one all along. You are offering them a lifeline. Maybe your gift recipient is always saying they want to stop smoking but can't bring themselves to leap away from cigarettes or can't afford a vape kit; by providing them with one as a Christmas gift, you are giving the gift of health. 

As we have mentioned, it is not appropriate to get a younger person a vape for their Christmas present, even if they smoke and you want to help them stop. Vaping is for adults, and we don't recommend buying underage family members or friends a vape kit for Christmas. Another aspect to consider is although a vape kit offers health benefits compared to smoking, an elderly family member who has smoked for most of their life may not appreciate being given a vape for Christmas. They may not be able to quit after many years and may find smoking a comfort. 

Personalised Christmas Gifts

How many times over the years have you received socks, handkerchiefs or deodorant gift sets? Nobody enjoys receiving them, even if we all pretend to. If you are looking for a genuinely personalised Christmas gift for a family member, loved one or friend, you should consider a vape kit or E-liquids. Choosing personalised gifts is much more pleasant for the person you are giving the gift to; it is more thoughtful and much more appreciated when received.

One of the best reasons to give vape kits and E-liquids for Christmas gifts is that you can choose specific designs, mods, flavours and strengths, meaning every item you choose is fully customisable and personalised to the person you are buying for. Whether you are looking for sour, cold shock E-liquids or fruity flavours of the Caribbean, we have everything you could need and with delivery across the UK, why would you choose anyone else? E-Vape kits and E-liquids are a great Christmas gift idea, especially with the thousands of options to choose from. This might be the only problem you face, how you decide what flavour to get as your gift! 

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In conclusion, it is not wrong to give someone a vape as a Christmas gift. The person receiving the vape should be of legal age and have no health conditions prohibiting vaping. Children are also prohibited from using vapes at all costs, so you can't buy one for your little ones this year! Would you mind ensuring they're old enough before gifting an e-cigarette or vape kit to a family member or friend? Remember to try and speak to the recipient about whether they are interested in vaping before spending money on a new kit or E-liquid. 

Think about what type of device would work best for their preferences and lifestyle, which will help ensure that they use it often after their first try! It's always lovely to receive something you enjoy on Christmas morning but remember there's nothing like giving back as well. Giving gifts such as clothes, housewares, books etc., may be more appropriate depending on your recipient. 

If you would like to buy a family member, friend or loved one a vape kit or E-liquids today, you have come to the right place; you can order online for UK wide delivery; we will always do our best to deliver before Christmas. Terms and conditions do apply. Get in touch with one of our team if you have any further questions or queries.